I remember # 15

430. I remember Mott the Hoople 431. I remember Percy Edwards, animal impersonator, last relic of an age when animal impersonators could rise to be memorable 432. I remember being lost for the first time, and the terror that followed 433. I remember Stringer Davis, husband of Margaret Rutherford and modest sidekick in her filmsRead More

I remember # 14

400. I remember tadpoles in a jar 401. I remember candy floss 402. I remember having a hyperlink explained to me for the first time, and thinking that this was quite interesting 403. I remember the music group Middle of the Road, who named themselves in age before irony existed 404. I remember Mick McManusRead More

I remember # 13

373. I remember newsreels. 374. I remember Vijay Amritraj, whose always seemed to go out at the quarter final stage of Wimbledon in the most entertaining game of the tournament. 375. I remember Pinky and Perky. 376. I remember The Raging Moon, in which the lead characters were in wheelchairs. 377. I remember Fattypuffs andRead More

I remember # 11

I haven’t produced one of these in a while… 315. I remember the Gang Show. 316. I remember Tonto’s Expanding Head Band. 317. I remember The Flashing Blade, with its thinly-defended but endlessly besieged castle and its thrilling theme song (“You’ve got to fight for what you want for all that you believe / It’sRead More

I remember # 9

256. I remember ‘It’s number one, it’s Top of the Pops!’ 257. I remember the heatwave of 1976, and how rain only started to fall soon after the unfortunate Denis Howell had been named as minister for drought 258. I remember the illustrated history books of R.J. Unstead 259. I remember when the 1970 WorldRead More

I remember # 8

225. I remember walking past the anti-apartheid protesters outside South Africa House, day after day after day 226. I remember hide-and-seek 227. I remember Mary Hopkin 228. I remember Ilie Nastase, tennis rebel 229. I remember struggling over seven times eight when learning my times tables 230. I remember Disney Time 231. I remember (canRead More