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The Freshies' 'I'm In Love With The Girl On The Virgin Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk' (via 45cat)
The Freshies’ ‘I’m In Love With The Girl On The Virgin Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk’ (via 45cat)

157. I remember hearing a siren wailing at some point in the early ’80s and wondering if nuclear war had been declared

158. I remember Hiawatha

159. I remember Porky Prime Cut (the message cut into the grooves of many single and albums in the 70s and 80s)

160. I remember Pogle’s Wood and little Pippin

161. I remember being frightened by a poster for the film Pulp – not an horrific or violent film at all, but simply on account of its title

162. I remember gobstoppers

163. I remember David Bowie’s appearance on Top of the Pops, singing ‘Starman’. It wasn’t that big a deal – it was the bass player that I thought looked weird

164. I remember trolley buses

165. I remember Esma Cannon

166. I remember faynights, the magic word which somehow gave you immunity from capture in playground games of chase

166. I remember Noddy Holder’s hat with its silver discs

167. I remember parkas

168. I remember Tracy Island, home of the Thunderbirds

169. I remember when seemingly every TV programme carried a credit for Ken Morse, rostrum camera

170. I remember the bitter look our previously friendly local grocer gave us when we admitted that we now had to do our family shopping at a supermarket

171. I remember James Burke saying ‘look’ in a really emphatic way

172. I remember a great storm and the day after finding that Herne Bay pier had disappeared, apart from the bit at the end

173. I remember 1066 and all That, which I read as straight history

174. I remember sparklers

175. I remember Peter Wyngarde as Jason King, who seemed as immaculately cool then as he appears deeply ridiculous now

176. I remember the shock when Liverpool went one up in the 1971 FA Cup Final and worrying that I might never be able to face my family again if Arsenal lost (they won 2-1)

177. I remember Charlie George’s goal celebration, lying flat on his back, arms raised

178. I remember Blue Mink

179. I remember Olga Korbut, and Nellie Kim

180. I remember the girl who served at the Manchester Virgin Megastore checkout desk who was the subject of the Freshies’ song ‘I’m in love with the girl at the Manchester Virgin Megastore checkout desk’. She never smiled much.

181. I remember reading Tristram Shandy for the first time and being giddy with excitement at what a writer could do

182. I remember sherbert dabs

183. I remember being baffled by two children who lived in our road who had never seen television

184. I remember “They asked me how I knew / It was Esso Blue / I of course replied / With lower grade one buys / Smoke gets in your eyes”

185. I remember Action Transfers, the pictures you could rub over, leaving an impression of the image on a piece of paper

186. I remember jukeboxes

187. I remember thinking that the pop charts were arranged in order of merit and so was baffled why Donny Osmond was able to get to number one

188. I remember T-shirts that had collars


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