The Panorama Mesdag (Spaces book launch, Birkbeck, London, March 2024)

Stephen Herbert: Writer, Editor, Publisher (private tribute event, British Film Institute, London, January 2024)

Breaking the News (private view video introduction to Breaking the News exhibition, British Library, London, 2022)

Early Film Pioneers: Charles Urban – Kinemacolor (recorded introduction, RPS House, Bristol, September 2021)

Charles Urban’s World (Re-mapping Early British Cinema, Birkbeck, University of London, online, May 2021)

Co-presenter, ‘Creating Captivating Data Visualisations’ (Leeds Digital Festival, online, September 2020)

Panel member on ‘AI and the Headline Archive’ (Leeds Digital Festival, online, September 2020)

Restoration and the 1924 Olympic Games Films (Paris 1924: Body, Modernity, Nationhood workshop, online, May 2020)

Panel member on ‘What do Media Archives and the GLAM Sector have in common?’ (FOCAL Members’ Day, London, November 2019)

Collecting News (Media History Seminar, Institute of English Studies, Senate House, University of London, December 2018) [also shortened web page version]

We Make the News – An Exhibition Proposal (The Newsreel Network Symposium, University College Cork, June 2018)

Newspaper data and news identity (5th international Transfopress Encounter, Paris, October 2017)

Kinemacolor (Ernest Lindgren Memorial Lecture, London Film Festival, October 2017)

Newsreels and history (XI Jornadas de Investigação do CIAC, Faro, Portugal, February 2017) [also web page version with illustration and links but no footnotes]

Save our Sounds and a national radio archive (Community Media Association conference, Birmingham, September 2016)

Introduction to Amleto (Watershed cinema, Bristol, June 2016)

Audiovisual archives and the web (Institute of Historical Research Winter Conference, The Production of the Archive, London, January 2016)

News data at the British Library (Working with News Data Across Different Media workshop, British Library, September 2015)

The War and the Newsreel (Arrol Adam Lecture Series, Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, October 2014)

News collections at the British Library (Enabling Access to Digitised Historic Newspapers, British Library, London, June 2014)

Archiving news at the British Library (The Concept of News, The Newsreel Network, Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen, May 2014)

Official newsreels and World War I (The Great War and the Moving Image conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, April 2014)

Charles Urban: Pioneering the Non-fiction Film (British Library, November 2013)

News collections at the British Library (Semantic Media Network, British Library, London, September 2013)

A Penny for the Pictures (Iamhist conference: Childhood and the Media, University of Leicester, July 2013)

Newsreels and the First World War (propaganda study day, British Library, London, June 2013)

The British Museum in newsreels (Madden Society, British Library, London, May 2013)

News at the British Library (The Newsreel Network, University of Lund, Sweden, May 2013)

The needs of academic researchers using speech-to-text systems (Opening up Speech Archives conference, British Library, London, February 2013)

So, how has the digital revolution been for you? (Domitor conference, Brighton, June 2012)

The Titanic centenary (Cinema Museum, London, April 2012)

Introduction to The Great White Silence (Ernest Shackleton Autumn School, Athy, Ireland, October 2011)

Film archives online – random but cool (European Film Gateway symposium, Bologna, Italy, June 2011)

Moving images at the British Library: integration and investigation (Whose Film is it Anyway?, RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, British Library, London, June 2011)

Links in the chain: early newsreels and newspapers (Origins of News in Early Cinema, Girona, Spain, April 2011)

The London Project (London Rediscovered, Birkbeck College, London, March 2011)

Moving Images and Research at the British Library (Women’s Film History Network, Women’s Library, London, December 2010)

Bloody Dreams: Laurence Olivier’s unmade film of Macbeth (Olivier’s Shakespeare: Violence & Memory, The London Shakespeare Centre, King’s College London, October 2010)

Charles Urban in India (launch event for Lifting the Curtain: Niranjan Pal and Indo-British Collaboration in Cinema (1908-1929), Nehru Centre, London, August 2010)

Moving images at the British Library: Building the archive beyond the archive (Archive: The British Comparative Literature Association conference, University of Kent, July 2010)

Digital Film, Digital Lives (Personal Film workshop, British Library, November 2009)

Searching for Mary Murillo (Women and Silent Britain 2: Women Writing Film, BFI Southbank, November 2009) [the link is to a blog post that complements the talk]

Understanding Movement Cultures: Film (Sport in Modern Europe conference, University of Cambridge, July 2009)

How Workingmen Spend Their Spare Time (Social Fears and Moral Panics, Iamhist conference, Aberystwyth, July 2009)

James Joyce and the Volta Programme (Dublin James Joyce Summer School, Dublin, July 2009)

A Penny for the Pictures (Bishopsgate Institute, May 2009)

Capturing the medium: issues and opportunities for constructing a database of audiovisual Shakespeare productions (Filming and Performing Renaissance History, Queen’s University Belfast, April 2009)

From home movies to lifecasting: archiving personal lives on film (Digital Lives, British Library, February 2009)

James Joyce and the Volta Programme (‘Roll Away the Reel World’: James Joyce e il Cinema, Trieste, January 2009)

An International Database of Shakespeare on Film, Television and Radio (SCAENA conference, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, July 2008)

A Researcher’s Tale (BFI National Library, June 2008)

Children’s cinema-going in London before WWI (London Screen History symposium, London, March 2008)

Moving Image Archives Online (Moving image archives in academic research, London, November 2007)

Classifying Empire (Iamhist conference, Media and Imperialism, Amsterdam, July 2007)

Media and Independence in Newsreels (Freedoms at Midnight conference, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, June 2007). This can be seen online, filmed by

A Penny for the Pictures: Memories of London Children’s Cinema-going Before the First World War (Hampstead Museum, December 2006)

Unequal Pleasures: Electric Theatres (1908) Ltd and the Early Film Exhibition Business in London (Emergence of the Film Industry in Britain conference, University of Reading Business School, June 2006)

The London Project: The Film Business and its Social Impact in London 1894-1914 (Cinema in Context conference, Amsterdam, April 2006)

Family History for Film Historians (British Silent Cinema Festival, Nottingham, April 2006)

British Newsreels – Yesterday and Today (Tyneside film theatre, Newcastle, December 2005)

Diverting Time: London Cinemas and their Audiences, 1906-1914 (Centre for Metropolitan Studies, London, November 2005)

Newsfilm Online: Downloading the News for Teaching, Learning and Research (Techfilm conference, Hradec Králové, November 2005)

The Meaning of Newsreels (History of the Media conference, London, June 2005)

Teaching History with BUFVC Resources (Teaching with Online History Resources in Further Education, Bristol University, June 2005)

The British Universities Newsreel Database (Screen Heritage seminar, BAFTA, June 2005)

Adjusting the Focus: Screening the Transition from Empire to Commonwealth (Institute of Commonwealth Studies, June 2005)

‘A Fury for Seeing’: London cinemas and their audiences, 1906-1914 (Birkbeck, University of London, May 2005)

The London Project (British Silent Cinema Festival, Nottingham, April 2005)

Teaching History with Moving Images (HE Academy History conference, Oxford University, April 2005)

London’s Lost Cinemas (British Universities Film & Video Council, March 2005)

London’s Lost Cinemas (Birkbeck, University of London, March 2005)

Ruggeri’s Amleto (Notre Dame Shakespeare Conference, University of Notre Dame, November 2004)

From News at Ten to Newsfilm Online (JISC conference, Brighton, July 2004)

The Familiarity of the New: The emergence of a motion picture industry in late nineteenth-century London (Monuments & Dust conference, Tate Britain, June 2004)

Newsfilm Online (Learning on Screen conference, London, April 2004)

Newsfilm Online: ITN News Content for Learning, Teaching and Research (JISC conference, Birmingham, March 2004)

Television Archives, Tools and Resources (University of Reading, January 2004)

The British Universities Newsreel Database (Brussels Filmmuseum, December 2003)

The Visual Archive (University of Brighton, December 2003)

Introduction to South (Shackleton Autumn School, Athy, October 2003)

The Slade Film History Register (Thorold Dickinson conference, October 2003)

Newsreels and the Future (Iamhist conference, University of Leicester, July 2003)

The Film Archive Forum (Society of Archivists London Group, April 2003)

Programming Victorian Cinema (‘The World in 1900’ study day, National Film Theatre, January 2003)

The Work of the British Universities Film & Video Council (UK Serials Group, November 2002)

The Brighton School and the Quest for Natural Colour (Visual Delights conference, July 2002)

The Finest Cinema Performers That We Possess: British Royalty and the Newsreels, 1910-1937 (Royal Ritual in the Media Age conference, May 2002)

Silent Shakespeare: Early Film Adaptations, 1899-1924 (University of Manchester, April 2002)

Film Sources for the History of London (BUFVC, March 2002)

From Wooden O to Silver Screen (‘Shakespeare Seen and Heard’, National Film Theatre, November 2001)

Contextualising Biograph in Early Cinema (AHRB Centre for British Film and Television Studies, Biograph Day, Brighton, May 2001)

The American Invasion and the British Film Industry, 1894-1903 (British Silent Cinema Weekend, Nottingham, April 2001)

A Short History of Film Archiving (Birkbeck College, February 2001)

Battles of the Century (Castro cinema, San Francisco, November 2000)

The British Universities Newsreel Project (DRH2000 conference, September 2000)

South (Creating Sparks festival, September 2000)

Olympic Gold: Treasures from the Archive (National Film Theatre, August 2000)

The British Universities Newsreel Project (CISH conference, Oslo, August 2000)

First Film Dogs (British Silent Film Festival, Nottingham, April 2000)

The British Universities Newsreel Database (Cabinet War Rooms, March 2000)

Filming the Boer War (Boer War Centennial Conference, University of Ulster, March 2000)

South (Cinema City, Norwich, December 1999)

Silent Shakespeare (Bath Film Society, Bath, November 1999)

The Anglo-Boer War: The Film Record (National Film Theatre, October 1999)

The London Films of Sherlock Holmes’ Time (Sherlock Holmes Society, Museum of London, September 1999)

That Slick Salesman in the Silk Hat: Charles Urban Comes to Britain (Visual Delights conference, University of Sheffield, July 1999)

They Forgot to Read the Directions (Museum of the Moving Image, June 1999)

Cockney Cherokees on the Skyline (Museum of the Moving Image, May 1999)

Colour in the ’20s: Return to the Open Road (Museum of the Moving Image, December 1998)

Putting the World Before You: The Charles Urban Story (Museum of the Moving Image, September 1998)

Colour in the ’20s: The Open Road (Museum of the Moving Image, June 1998)

Filming in the Whirlpool of War (Museum of the Moving Image, April 1998)

Early Cinema, Silent Cinema (National Film Theatre, April 1998)

Royalty and Film 1896-1953 (Museum of the Moving Image, March 1998)

Coming Soon to a Cinema Near You (Museum of the Moving Image, March 1998)

You Ought to be in Pictures (Museum of the Moving Image, November 1997)

Royalty and Film 1897-1947 (Museum of London, November 1997)

Boxing 100: Boxing Films of the Silent Era (Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone, October 1997)

Lumière in Ireland (Irish Film Centre, Dublin, September 1997)

Filming Filming (Museum of the Moving Image, April 1997)

Donning the Doublet and Hose: The Shakespeare Costume Film (National Film Theatre, February 1997)

A Trip to the Cinema, 1901-1945 (Museum of the Moving Image, January 1997)

Olympia 100: Olympic Films of the Silent Era (Giornate del Cinema Muto, Pordenone, October 1996)

Newsreels in the Silent Era (Story of the Century conference, National Film Theatre, October 1996)

Dufaycolor: Designed for Spring (Museum of the Moving Image, August 1996)

Sport and Early Film (Museum of the Moving Image, May 1996)

The Battle of Waterloo; or, Why can’t we film such a thing if we won the war in the first place? (National Film Theatre, March 1996)

A Scene – ‘King John’, Now Playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre (Moving Perfomance conference, University of Bristol, January 1996)

Victorian Lives and Victorian Films (Media History Seminar, Birbeck College, December 1995)

Cataloguing Early Film (Celebrating 1895 conference, Bradford, June 1995)

Most Marvellous Things: How Shakespeare Came to Be on the Silent Screen (Magdalen College, Oxford, February 1995)

Pre-1900 Cinema lecture/presentation given at British Film Institute, National Film Theatre, National Museum of Film Photography and Television, University of Westminster and Ipswich Film Theatre (1994-1996)

The War and the Newsreel (Leeds International 1914-18 Commemoration Week conference, September 1994)

King John and the Theatrical Tradition (National Film Theatre, August 1994)

Hamlet in a Film Archive (National Film Theatre, June 1994)

British Silent Newsreels: ‘All the Pictures and no Politics’ (Media History Seminar, Birkbeck College, December 1993)

Topical Budget (BUFVC, July 1992)

Topical Budget: The Great British News Film (National Film Theatre, May 1992)

Topical Budget (BFI Education, December 1990)

See also Shows.

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