I remember # 10

Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky in 1972 (via guardian.com)
Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky in 1972 (via guardian.com)

286. I remember the Double Deckers

287. I remember Tiger Tim

288. I remember Zager and Evans (“in the year 2025, if man is still alive, if woman can survive…”). Remarkably they still gave human kind an outside chance of surviving up to 9595

289. I remember Lance Gibbs

290. I remember town carnivals with floats and cars advertising local businesses that for some reason we turned out to watch them drive by, year after year

291. I remember hot pants

292. I remember Lord Snooty and his pals

293. I remember adventure playgrounds arriving just too late for me to be of an age to enjoy them

294. I remember following every game, every move of Fischer v Spassky

295. I remember the eleven plus

296. I remember boating lakes, where they did actually shout out “number 9, your time is up”

297. I remember my jigsaw set with pieces made out of all the counties of Great Britain

298. I remember we saved on bills by reusing bath water

299. I remember being unnerved by a children’s science fiction TV drama in which one of the characters travelled through time and was shocked to come across his elder self (a dowdy man with glasses, as I recall). The inevitability of adulthood must have struck me for the first time

300. I remember when eating scampi denoted class

301. I remember measuring my height each birthday

302. I remember when circus acts (always with Charlie Cairoli) were considered a great idea for children’s television

303. I remember that every Friday afternoon my primary school class put on a short play which one or other of us had written – particularly I remember one which boldly took as its subject the arrest of hippies

304. I remember my pedal car

305. I remember Spirographs

306. I remember Johnny Morris

307. I remember spending hours and hours trying to decode Kit Williams’ Masquerade book in the hope of finding a golden hare

308. I remember skipping rhymes

309. I remember Please Sir! (and its follow-up series The Fenn Street Gang) and how on the playground we would decide which member of the cast members each of us was

310. I remember Melody Maker

311. I remember bagatelle boards

312. I remember deciding that I could take my 5-year-old brother and mould him into a great football player through careful training. It didn’t work

313. I remember playing blind man’s bluff

314. I remember Biafra


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