I remember # 13

Harrison's Rocks, with Bow Window to the left (from http://www.climbfind.com)
Harrison’s Rocks, with Bow Window to the left (from http://www.climbfind.com)

373. I remember newsreels.

374. I remember Vijay Amritraj, whose always seemed to go out at the quarter final stage of Wimbledon in the most entertaining game of the tournament.

375. I remember Pinky and Perky.

376. I remember The Raging Moon, in which the lead characters were in wheelchairs.

377. I remember Fattypuffs and Thinifers.

378. I remember milk bottles at the doorstep whose metal tops had been pierced by hungry blue tits.

379. I remember when train carriages had door handles.

380. I remember the boy from our school who fell out of a moving train to his death when opening a door handle.

381. I remember the weightlifter Precious McKenzie.

382. I remember the Lib-Lab Pact.

383. I remember the Robinson Crusoe television series and how it dutifully included all of the novel’s back story, including his capture by pirates, as confusing flashbacks.

384. I remember dib dib dib dob dob dob.

385. I remember the evocative names of the climbs at Harrison’s Rocks: Long Layback, Bow Window, Sashcord Crack, Giant’s Ear, Unclimbed Wall.

386. I remember AltaVista.

387. I remember Kung Fu.

388. I remember when my peers were fiercely divided into two camps: those who championed Bruce Springsteen, and those who preferred Eddie and the Hot Rods.

389. I remember Ade Coker.

390. I remember petrol pump attendants.

391. I remember when it snowed every year.

392. I remember Hughie Green saying that he meant that most sincerely.

393. I remember being taken on a primary school trip to see Fantasia and being so annoyed by it that I wanted to leave the cinema – the first time I had ever thought such a thing (but destined not to be the last).

394. I remember blazers.

395. I remember the powerful theme music for Weekend World (Nantucket Sleighride by Mountain), which made current affairs seem particularly urgent.

396. I remember being introduced to the pen-and-paper game Battleships and thinking this was the most exciting thing ever.

397. I remember fish and chips served up in newspapers.

398. I remember when there used to be litter bins at London railway stations.

399. I remember Joyce Grenfell.


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