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The News newspaper ran 1805-1839

I have this vague plan to bring all of my blog posts under the one site. I have too many websites, either active or passive (but still kept live), and it is increasingly difficult (and costly) to keep on top of them all. Whether having all posts from different sites will work, I don’t know, but I bring across some from time to time, testing the waters just that little bit more each time.

So it is that I have copied several posts dating 2013-2018 from the Newsroom blog, which I maintain for my day job at the British Library. Some posts on the site I have reproduced here before now; others are merely announcements or project reports, which I have left alone. Below is the list of posts from The Newsroom that can be found here, in reverse chronological order. Maybe there is some value in having all of these things in one place. We’ll see.

  • Collecting news (2018) – British news history and the collecting of news
  • Newspaper data and news identity (2017) – the cataloguing of newspapers and what it can leave out
  • Analysing the past (2017) – big data analyses of digitised newspaper archives
  • Nobody knows anything (2016) – report on a symposium on the future of news journalism
  • Front print to digital (2016) – archiving news at a time of transition in how news in published
  • The reading experience (2014) – evidence of historical newspaper reading from the Reading Experience Database
  • The concept of news (2014) – a report on a symposium on newsreel history with thoughts on defining news history
  • Pathé goes to YouTube (2014) – thoughts on the publication of the British Pathé newsreel archive on YouTube
  • Taming the news beast (2014) – report on a seminar about the explosion in news information data
  • Reading all about it (2014) – three books on the history and present state of news
  • Charlie’s debut (2014) – on the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin’s first film, Making a Living, which has a newspaper background
  • New ways, old ways (2014) – report on a seminar on the changes to news being brought about by web-based journalism
  • Recording Mandela (2013) – how the British Library archived breaking news on the death of Nelson Mandela and its aftermath on television


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