2018 – the year in images

Last in this series looking back on 2018 is the year in images. St Helena, Ireland, the Lake District, around Kent, working in London, and much reading. My pictures (bar one), my memories. Most of the photographs I take end up on my Flickr site, for anyone who might be interested (all under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 licence, for free reuse with just an acknowledgment).

My right eye (I had an eye test)
Rochester castle in the snow
Looking down on Speery Island, south west corner of St Helena (album of my visit to the island in March is here)
Outside an Eastbourne second-hand bookshop
Visitor looking at Cy Twombly’s ‘Quattro Stagioni’, The Waste Land exhibition, Turner Contemporary, Margate
White bricks, Bath
Field of lavender, near Shoreham, Kent
Student audience at the Majestic, Ann Arbor, Michigan, watching Kinemacolor film Steam (1913) (I wrote about this image here)
Kent v Pakistan, Canterbury, 28 April 2018. Kent in the field, Harry Podmore bowling
Water-filled quarry near Torver, Lake District
One of a series of torn posters at Euston Square station (now removed – other examples recorded here)
Isles of Wonder, the video of the London 2012 opening ceremony, shot by shot (all 1,629 images here)
St Finbarre cathedral, Cork, Ireland
Bad apples, near Eynsford, Kent
Some of the newspapers we’re digitising at the British Library
Shadows on a wall, Sandwich
Marking the end of the World War One commemorations, Tower of London
Many books, many coffees, but perhaps the last book I read this year was the finest
On the way out of the Science Museum’s The Future is Here exhibition


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2 thoughts on “2018 – the year in images

    1. A happy new year to you Linda. Just think of all those images that don’t exist yet that will do by the end of 2019. Some beautiful, I hope.

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