I remember # 3

Fyfe Robertson (via bbc.co.uk)
Fyfe Robertson (via bbc.co.uk)

60. I remember Persia.

61. I remember David Bedford lapping other long-distance runners, a mustachioed superman.

62. I remember deciding that when older I would fly in a plane, reach out to grab a piece of a cloud, and then report back to a grateful world what it was made of.

63. I remember florins.

64. I remember when the National Film Theatre put on an event showing people what the Internet looked like, and an audience paying to see it.

65. I remember pet rocks. I still have my pet rock (they weren’t just for Christmas).

66. I remember worrying about neutron bombs, which would destroy people but not buildings.

67. I remember Thunderbirds toys in cereal packets.

68. I remember string vests.

69. I remember Fad Gadget.

70. I remember being torn between shock and laughter at hearing the word ‘bloody’ in a Flanders and Swann song (A Song of the Weather).

71. I remember the Arsenal shirt my mother made for me with one white sleeve noticeably longer than the other, but with a no. 7 on the back so I could dream that I was George Armstrong.

72. I remember walking along the pavement reading a book which I literally could not put down.

73. I remember following Francis Chichester’s round-the-world sailing adventure on a map pinned to the classroom wall.

74. I remember Ayesha.

75. I remember a family holiday to Ireland, where I was told that there were forty shades of green, and trying to count them all.

76. I remember Teds v Punks.

77. I remember Fyfe Robertson.

78. I remember winning over friends at a new school by my ability to sing the comic Irish songs popularised by Val Doonican.

79. I remember Barbara Castle.

80. I remember reading a children’s novel which featured a man who could perform true magic coming to a town where ordinary magicians were meeting, and not being recognised for what he was. The poignancy of it has stayed with me for years. What was the story?

81. I remember dizzy Anne Aston.

82. I remember the Portsmouth Sinfonia.

83. I remember my first radio, and feeling that I somehow now owned the whole world.

84. I remember Action Men, and when they first acquired beards.

85. I remember The Impossibles, a Hanna-Barbera animated TV series featuring a pop group with unusual powers (I particularly admired the group member who had the ability to turn into water and thus slip under locked doors, which seemed to my young self to be a particularly valuable talent to possess).

86. I remember believing in Robin Hood.

87. I remember Gimme Dat Ding.

88. I remember scrambling.


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  1. I’ve added numbers (as does Gilbert Adair in Myths and Memories, my inspiration), to make it clearer that this is a series.

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