Watching you

We are planning some grand project at my work place, and part of the inevitable procedure is to find out what people think about the idea. So we get some marketing firm to track down different types of people who use our services, or who don’t use them but might do, and other such categories,Read More

Charles Urban

On 1 August University of Exeter Press is publishing my book, Charles Urban: Pioneering the Non-Fiction Film in Britain and America, 1897-1925. It is based on my PhD thesis, which I completed in 2003, but it has been updated with reference to new research in the field, though equally the word-length has been cut downRead More

I remember # 4

89. I remember the Young Generation. 90. I remember Betty Stöve, who played in the women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles finals at Wimbledon in 1977, and lost them all. 91. I remember Casey Jones a-steamin’ and a-rollin’ / Casey Jones you never have to guess / When you hear the tootin’ of the whistleRead More