I remember # 2

Peter and Jane reading book
Peter and Jane reading book

31. I remember walking along a garden path towards a gate, my earliest memory.

32. I remember Peter and Jane.

33. I remember Alberto y Los Trios Paraguayos.

34. I remember that the last film to be shown at the Academy cinema in Oxford Street was Dangerous Moves, a Swiss film about chess.

35. I remember Bazooka Joe bubble gum.

36. I remember David Hemery winning the 400m hurdles at the 1968 Olympic Games.

37. I remember it being reported that footballers were getting more intelligent after Brian Hall BSc joined Liverpool.

38. I remember Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, but seldom the other guy.

39. I remember Bishan Bedi and his turban.

40. I remember being woken up and allowed downstairs to see The Seekers sing ‘Morning Town Ride’, my favourite song, on evening television.

41. I remember ink wells.

42. I remember Wei Wei Wong.

43. I remember wearing long trousers for the first time.

44. I remember a promo film for Alice Cooper’s song ‘Elected’ in which a woman interviewed in the street said she thought he would make as good a US president as anyone.

45. I remember rods, poles, perches and chains (a chain being 22 yards, or the length of a cricket pitch).

46. I remember being offered a toy policeman’s helmet and saying that I didn’t want it, when in fact I wanted it more than anything.

47. I remember reading Pilgrim’s Progress.

48. I remember being especially fond of the puppet mouse Nana Mouskouri would talk to on her TV show.

49. I remember going to a university dance and realising that every girl in the room had a haircut like Lady Diana.

50. I remember Guy the Gorilla.

51. I remember S-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-mon Dee (and his E-Type Jag).

52. I remember feeling terribly sad at the lyrics to Hot Chocolate’s ‘Brother Louie’, in which the parents of a mixed race couple were equally prejudiced against the other.

53. I remember shoes with animal footprints on the soles.

54. I remember Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby.

55. I remember Bleep and Booster.

56. I remember finding myself at the edge of a shower of rain – a step to the left and I was wet, a step to the right and I was dry.

57. I remember floppy discs.

58. I remember laughing so much I thought I couldn’t breathe any more.

59. I remember Mouldy Old Dough.


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5 thoughts on “I remember # 2

  1. Do you mean Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias? I remember seeing them supporting Hawkwind. Alberto y Los Trios Paraguayos were earlier.

    Did your shoes with the animal footprints on the soles have a compass inside one of the heels? Not terribly practical.

  2. I meant the Paraguayos, who were regulars on British TV in the early 1970s. The Paranoias (fondly remembered as the Albertos) I remember reading about/hearing at the time, but I never saw them. However I am now in email contact with one of them, Dr C.P. Lee, of the University of Salford – http://www.cplee.co.uk. Such is the way the world turns.

    I’d forgotten about the compasses in shoe soles! I remember them being around, so I guess I had a pair, but it’s the footprints that made the most impression (literally). It was just so cool leaving lion paw prints everywhere.

    More memories next month…

  3. Thanks for the memories Luke. I met David Hemery once at Crystal Palace as a kid when I was nuts about athletics and got his autograph. Although he was very lean, his shoulders seemed wide enough to act as bookshelves.

    Did you collect the little waxed paper comic strips that came with Bazooka Joe bubble gum?

  4. Wow, I’m impressed. David Hemery is my first Olympic memory (that, plus vague recollection of visiting a friend’s house while the Mexico Games were on the TV and sensing they were important but not sure why). David Bedford was my athletics hero – he’ll feature in a future I remember.

    I only bought Bazooka Joes for the comic strips – I’ve always hated bubble gum itself.

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