On September 21, 2012, in Web, by Luke McKernan

This is the first post of my personal blog. I’ve maintained several blogs over the past few years – on silent films, poetry, online Shakespeare, moving images at the British Library, and a collective site that aimed to bring all of this activity into one place. It’s been too much. I’m simplifying what I write online, and will try and make this site the primary outlet. It will touch on films, and literature, and sport, and art, and music, and online resources, and social history, and colour, and memory, and exploration, and military history, and documenting the everyday – and the many other things that interest me. Maybe others will find some of it of interest too.


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  1. Nice to find you again Luke, hale and hearty – looks like Autumn, doesn’t it?

  2. Very hale, very hearty, thanks – and excited to receive my first comment. Autumn is good.

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