So that was 2013 that was

Well, in 2013 I…

Slept for 2,372 hours
Sat down for 4,940 hours
Walked, ran or otherwise moved about, or stood still, for 1,448 hours
Ate 1,095 meals
Drank 1,460 cups of decaff white Americanos
Posted 3,118 tweets
Sent 10,000 emails
Read 18 books
Wrote 274 blog posts
Sent 350 texts
Typed out 638,970 words in total
Took 10,707 photographs
Posted 253 photos on Flickr
Posted 4 videos on YouTube
Bought 13 CDs (physical and/or download)
Watched 150 films
Watched 1,460 hours of television
Listened to 547 hours of radio
Visited 3 countries
Travelled 20,864 miles
Gave 7 talks
Attended 5 conferences
Published 3 papers
Produced 1 book
Had 1 change of job title
Acquired 1 niece

In 2014 I shall get out more


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