2023 – the year in images

Morning mist on Rochester Bridge

For the third in this short series of reviews of 2023 we have images. Below is a selection of favourite photographs of mine from across the year. All have links to higher resolution copies on my Flickr pages. My favourite photograph of the year is at the top.

Degrees of care (a row of houses in Sturry, Kent)
Vertigo (view down spiral staircase of The Monument, London)
Poor old horse (Cliffe marshes, Kent)
Hever Castle, with duck
An unknown bay (part of a Rochester shop front boarding)
Autumn trees, Luddesdown (Luddesdown, Kent)
Street figures (The Street, Whitstable, Kent)
Reflected at night (Amsterdam)
State Library of New South Wales, Sydney
Gormley and Long (Antony Gormley statue and Richard Long circle, St Francis of Assisi exhibition, National Gallery, London)
Playing games (The Story of the Moving Image exhibition, ACMI, Melbourne, Australia)
Watching Ma nuit chez Maud
Sydney sunset from Watson’s Bay
Self-portrait in an Amsterdam cafe


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5 thoughts on “2023 – the year in images

    1. Thank you Chris. Great to hear from you again. A happy new year to you, and congratulations on the forthcoming poetry book.

  1. Hi Luke
    I noticed you did an obituary for Stephen Herbert. I did reply to one of your addresses but had no reply.
    I was a big fan of his enormous back catalogue of , mainly zoetrope strips (!) as I make phenakistoscope disks from them and gifs etc..
    Do you know where they are now archived as his websites seem to have been closed down.
    Hopefully someone is keeping his work alive!
    I look forward to hearing from you and I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend.

  2. Hi Tom

    Sorry it has been difficult getting in touch. Using the contact form on this site should always work.

    There are things underway to preserve Stephen’s archive (physical and digital). I can’t say more about them as yet but plan to write a blog post about Stephen’s legacy hopefully soon. Meanwhile, do look at the new website for him that has just been published, https://www.stephen-herbert.co.uk.

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